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Sea Ports Billing Revenue and Financial Management software

Software Solutions for Sea Ports, Ocean Shippers & Marine Terminals

Ignify specializes in implementing software solutions for sea ports, shipping lines, multi-modal transportation service providers and marine terminals. Our solutions are based on the Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM platforms and provide the following functionality to Port Authorities, Shippers and Marine terminal owners to manage their business.


Vessel Information Management and Vessel scheduling

Ability to track vessel movements, entry and final departure. Functionality provided includes

  • Vessel database registry: with interface to the LLoyds for vessel verification. Support to maintain all vessel attributes including vessel length, Lloyds registration number, qualification for environmental discounts.
  • Import of Vessel schedules: Ability to automatically import vessel schedules from vessel operators.
  • Marine Exchange interface: Interface with marine exchange to record arrival time.
  • Vessel information reports: Show expected arrivals.
  • Arrival of unscheduled vessels: Track vessels that arrived without prior notice and interface with invoicing for higher rates.
  • Berth Management and utilization: Track current and expected future berth utilization .

Billing and Invoicing

Full billing and invoicing functionality including :

  • Wharfage: Automated calculation of wharfage based on customer and commodity codes, inter-modal and multi-modal transport discounts and other relevant factors
  • Dockage & Pilotage: Automated Calculation of dockage & pilotage based on length of vessel, time and other factors. Support for hourly, 24 hour days, monthly, 6 hour days and many other billing options. Automated integration with vessel information management vessel scheduling so that the preparation of invoices can be automated based on vessel movements, arrival time, time from anchor to berth, berth to berth etc.
  • Electronic Invoicing: Ability to automatically email, fax and mail invoices to terminal operators, tenants, shipping lines and any other transacting parties. Setup customer preferences for billing based on combined invoices by
  • Lease invoicing: Ability to invoice automatically for rent including year-on year inflationary/ CPI step-ups in the rental amount. Rent can be based on acre, sq feet, hectare or any other unit of measure
  • Metered utilities: Ability to automatically invoice for utilities by reading meter readings for water, electricity etc.
  • Bunkerage: Invoicing for fuel and any service charges for the bunkerage.
  • Guaranteed Contract Minimums / Guaranteed Annual Minimum (GAM) invoicing: Ability to automatically calculate short falls from agreed upon contract minimums or GAMs and bill them at the pre-agreed frequency on the invoice such as quarterly, annual etc.

Contract Management

Functionality to master and record contract terms including special conditions and changes to the contract over time. Seamless linkage of invoicing to contracts.


Property management

Full property management functionality including :

  • Track utilization of berths, warehouses
  • Setup parcels and record parcels on a contract
  • Integrate with GIS
  • Record tenant and landlord contacts
  • Record and track compliance of insurance requirements
  • Integration with contract management and invoicing


Electronic Data interchange functionality to integrate with terminal operators and shipping lines for various EDI formats including 309, 310s etc.


Next Step

Ignify offers the latest technology based solutions based on Microsoft technologies for Ports and Marine Terminal operations. Email us at to get more information on our solutions.

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Ignify Wins 2013 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Red Herring Ranks Ignify in Global 100 Technology Companies
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ISO 9001 Certification for Ignify demonstrates excellence
Ignify ranks on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of fastest growing companies in North America for the sixth year in a row
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