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Ignify eCommerce Features

Responsive Web Design allows merchants to engage customers across a variety of devices.

Adapt to the new browsing and purchasing habits of customers by using a Responsive Web Design (RWD) for your online store.

With Ignify eCommerce’s RWD interface, merchants benefit from an online store that automatically understands which device the shopper is using, and adapts its design and resolution to the size of the screen.

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With an RWD Ignify eCommerce storefront fluidly converting the store user interface from a laptop to a mobile screen (or vice versa), shoppers can effortlessly carry their shopping sessions over to a new device.

The benefits of using an RWD online store interface include:

  1. Higher sales conversion rates: Allowing customers to access your site through multiple devices creates longer engagement with the customer, which promotes higher sales conversion rates.
  2. Saved time and money: By no longer needing to create and manage individual web stores for each of the multiple devices available in the market today, merchants can put the resources they saved toward other areas of business development.
  3. Improved search engine optimization: Search engines rank websites with unique content higher, and are often confused about which websites to consider when multiple sites have the same content. With RWD on a single store, there is no fear of cannibalizing your web store’s search engine and page rankings with multiple sites.
  4. Consistent customer navigation: Multiple URLs can not only translate into duplication of efforts for the marketing team, but also confusion on the part of the customer. With RWD, customers can associate a single URL with a particular store instead of having to remember multiple URLs for each device he uses.

Responsive web design thus gives your web store device compatibility and makes it ready for the future. With Ignify eCommerce, this device compatibility can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Using the RWD web store designs
  2. Using the catalog and theme mapping feature.

RWD Web Designs

Ignify eCommerce provides web store designs that incorporate fundamental RWD principals of fluid grids, fluid images, and media queries. By using fluid grids we work with relative units such as percentages, instead of creating pixel based designs, thereby making it easier to adapt to various screen sizes.

The various design elements are contained within the fluid grid with proportional height and width dimensions, instead of rigid pixel based ones. This allows individual design elements to adapt to the changes to the grid’s dimensions as the device screen size changes, giving the customer a good user experience each time.

The use of fluid images means that images on your web store would shrink or expand to fit the grid in which they are contained, leaving less room for distorting or hurting the user experience.

Media queries are a CSS technology that allows the CSS to be applied only under specific conditions. A RWD design would include a series of media queries essential to making your web store adapt seamlessly to multiple screen sizes.

RWD Web Designs

A web store design using RWD as rendered on a desktop computer.

RWD Web Designs

A web store design using RWD as rendered on a mobile phone vertically.

RWD Web Designs

A web store design using RWD as rendered on a mobile phone horizontally.

Catalog and Theme Mapping

The Ignify eCommerce Manager Panel is designed to organize products in one universal catalog and several smaller catalogs. Merchants can re-group and re-arrange their catalog to allow customers to browse the web store on their mobile phones or tablets.

The catalogs created using products and categories from the universal catalog can be assigned different themes and templates suitable to particular devices such that the web store displays differently as per the device it is being viewed on - which means that the web store can be viewed on different devices with a compatible design and the same URL.

Catalog and Theme Mapping

The same web store displayed uniquely on a desktop and mobile phone using different templates suitable for each device, giving users a responsive experience.

The catalog and theme mapping facility not only helps make your web store responsive to multiple devices, it can be made responsive to individual customers or customer groups as well. An individual catalog with a specific theme and template can be assigned to an individual customer or customer groups, such that when that customer views the web store it appears customized - thus enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, with this facility, your web store can also be made responsive to particular times of the year, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., when you can display specifically created catalogs that mirror the mood at the time and entice the visitor to buy.

By using responsive web design, Ignify eCommerce enables merchants to give their customers the best shopping experience no matter which device they use.

For more information on how Ignify eCommerce can improve your online store’s design and layout, please email us at ecommerce@ignify.com.

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Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
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