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Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

Microsoft Dynamics AX Sales Orders and Purchasing

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an all-in-one solution that gives you realtime connectivity across your business. Using the Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX module, you can integrate sales and purchasing processes with other key functional areas of the system including logistics, production, warehouse management, financials, the Application Integration Framework, CRM and master planning.

Deliver better customer service

Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the backbone in streamlining the purchasing, warehousing and sales processes. The module helps you improve your customer service by giving you advanced control over your sales orders. When entering sales orders, Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically checks credit limits, customer account information, pricing agreements, and inventory levels so you can give your customers real-time information. Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the ability to look into real time available to promise (ATP) data, and it also applies delivery date control so you can make accurate and precise order and delivery promises. You can print, fax, e-mail, or publish order confirmations on the Web, offer your customers flexible invoicing options, keep track of backorders and manage returned items.

To further speed up your sales and purchasing process, you can electronically exchange trading documents with your customers and suppliers using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Integration Framework and Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006.

Optimize your purchasing processes

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you purchase the right products at the right time with the best price. With insight into supplier prices and lead times, you are better able to compare quotations from suppliers with different delivery deadlines, price conditions or other parameters. Historical data and analysis tools help you evaluate past supplier performance so that you can make more informed purchasing decisions for the future.

The tight integration within Microsoft Dynamics AX means that you only need to register received goods once, and then all relevant areas of the system are automatically updated. This streamlines record-keeping and saves time and resources, while reducing the risk of manual errors.

Trade seamlessly with your subsidiaries

The intercompany functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX enables several companies, subsidiaries, or distribution centers to trade internally within one Microsoft Dynamics AX installation. Intercompany functionality allows a company to apply a variety of required intercompany trading policies that help ensure the trading process between companies is always in sync, enabling a greater degree of process automation and control. You can minimize your stockholding costs by having visibility into inventory in all companies, subsidiaries, and distribution centers and sourcing inventory across locations. You can minimize your manual work effort across companies by automating the intercompany trading processes and the intercompany order fulfillment.

Achieve better cost control with greater visibility

Trade in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you maintain accurate inventory valuation and gain insight into the variation of your cost prices. The cost price of inventory can be continuously updated through re-calculations to reflect the actual price. The standard cost price and any differences can be posted to different general ledger accounts so that variances are readily visible.

Inventory valuation can be performed according to different methods for different items including FIFO, LIFO, weighted average and standard cost price. The handling of miscellaneous charges helps keep inventory valuation more accurate. You can also control the effect of miscellaneous charges, such as freight and insurance, on cost prices.


  • Deliver better customer service with more efficient sales processes
  • Reduce costs by supporting your purchasing and warehousing processes
  • Improve relationships with your customers and suppliers using trade agreements
  • Trade seamlessly with your subsidiaries with the ability to manage intercompany orders within one system.
  • Achieve better cost control with greater visibility into cost prices and accurate inventory valuation


Purchase order creation

  • Purchase orders can be initiated from production orders, sales orders or inventory coverage rules
  • Easy creation of purchase orders with direct linkage to the sales order to support just-in-time purchase for customer requirements

Sales order creation

  • Support for enhanced delivery date control ensuring the correct calculation of the ship date based on the customers requested receipt date
  • Quick entry of order lines
  • Support for drop shipments

Conversion of currency on open orders

  • Real-time conversion of currency on open orders

Easy-to-use price overview

  • Flexible and comprehensive price calculations for increased price accuracies and customer services
  • Quick access to individual customer prices and discounts
  • Possible to compare cost prices against revenue

Direct open-transaction editing

  • Settle invoices when posting credit notes
  • Settle prepayments when posting invoices


  • Easy creation of credit notes from invoice journals

Alternate items

  • Automatic substitution of unavailable items with alternate items

Delivery fulfillment status, partial delivery

  • Notification of partial deliveries and remainders on sales order documents
  • Specify acceptance parameters for over or under delivery

Cost price principles

  • Cost price principles: FIFO, LIFO, standard cost price, and weighted average
  • Individual cost price principles per item group

C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery)

  • Printing of C.O.D. documents when invoicing
  • Follow-up on C.O.D.s outstanding

Ledger reconciliation

  • Easy reconciliation of inventory values versus ledger transactions for revision purposes


  • Ability to define and apply different trading policies when trading between different Microsoft Dynamics AX companies
  • Real time creation and update of intercompany sales orders from purchase orders and vice versa
  • Full order and logistics transparency upstream and downstream the intercompany chain
  • Support for master scheduling across companies
  • Support for automatic payment and settlement
  • Support for multiple intercompany pricing policies
  • Support for various degrees of process automation for sales and purchase orders
  • Exchange of information between companies, subsidiaries, and distribution centers is possible without having to use identical identification for customers, vendors, items, units, etc.

Allocation of miscellaneous charges
on cost prices

  • Different methods of handling miscellaneous charges available
  • Add miscellaneous charges to item cost prices
  • Post-adjustment of item cost prices possible for allocation of subsequent costs

Blanket orders

  • Create release orders directly from the blanket order
  • View delivery status from the blanket order

Trade agreements

  • Set up price, discount, multi-line discounts and total discount on customers, vendors, and items as well as groups of these customers, vendors and items
  • Set up prices and discounts in all currencies
  • Automatically calculates total discounts on orders
  • Full flexibility to maintain prices and discounts on item and inventory dimensions

Returned items

  • Print freight slips and credit notes
  • Possible to post returned items to scrap, repair or inspection and allocate reason codes

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