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Dynamics AX for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Effectively manage all the variables involved in engineering and delivering products that follow custom formulas. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides you with Insight into your entire operation so you can optimize capacity and drive continuous process improvement. From a simple user interface, you can define, manage, and cost multiple outputs, such as co-products and by-products, from a single production process, and always know the correct inventory status for any given item.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also provides integrated functionality for handling procurement and accounting, helping you comply with regulatory requirements, and enabling communication across your organization. This highly adaptable business management solution provides the tools to help you achieve operational excellence


Co-product/by-product management

  • Support co-product and by-product tracking to help optimize decisions.
  • Analyze co-product and by-product attributes and costs, and credit their values to the appropriate finished goods.

Formula Management

  • Setup formulas for finished and intermediate products
  • Differentiate between Lab formulas and Production formulas
  • Automatically adjust formulas based on raw material characteristics
  • Monitor yields by standards identified in the formula
  • Track product-specific materials characteristics such as potency, shelf life, catch weight, classifications, lots, and units of measure

Yield planning and tracking

  • Establish standards for yield using formulas, and then track and report actual yields against those standards to quickly identify out-of-tolerance conditions, isolate the cause, and take corrective actions.

Attribute tracking and dynamic formula adjustment

  • Define and maintain an unlimited number of qualitative and quantitative attributes at the product and lot levels.
  • Adjust formulas based on the actual characteristics of input materials to help ensure consistent quality of final products.

Input-driven process specification

  • Accommodate an unlimited number of inputs and outputs within the process specification through a recipe system that defines all the production resources, including ingredients, machines, labor, utilities, and quality assurance variables.

Optimized picking

  • Pull inventory in optimal sequence, employing “best-before” management. Employ first expired/first out (FEFO) or first in/first out (FIFO) calculations for inventory picking, reducing inventory, and eliminating waste.

Batch optimization and balancing

  • Produce against given batch sizes, so every batch can be fully consumed.
  • Help maintain a selection of the products most likely to be needed in stock as well as the coherence and traceability of multi-level production.

Variable inventory and order tracking

  • Monitor inventory using dual units of measurement (UOMs) to manage total weight as well as packaging units (catch weight calculations).
  • Track order status using real-time updates on net purchasing, production and capacity requirements, and graphical symbols for each level of the formula or recipe

Customizable item and dimensionality structure

  • Define multiple inventory dimensions and gain insight into the dynamics of your stocking practices, including packaging codes, variations to the main item, lot management, and inventory status.
  • Conduct comprehensive “where-used” analysis, including alternate formula and recipe tracking.

Detailed production cost and profit margin analysis

  • Analyze and monitor production costs and requirements for each component of a sales order using graphical representations of multi-level formulas and recipes
  • Analyze profit margin by product or product line

Customized product and packaging capabilities

  • Provide your customers with increased packaging flexibility by defining effective UOMs.
  • Enable customers to request multiple quality specifications per product while maintaining inventory visibility.
  • Support highly flexible configurations and packaging types while combining similar products in production to improve machine utilization.

Centralized quality control and regulatory support

  • Use integrated quality control and lot traceability to link raw materials through each operation of the production process to final delivery at the customer site.
  • Generate unique Certificate of Analysis to send with shipments
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Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
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